Congreso del Jamon Salamanca

As chairman of the D.O. Guijuelo, I am proud to remember the day when the members of the III World Congress of Ham Organising and Scientific Committees, in Teruel, announced that we would have the honour of organising the following edition.

An entity which is a reference in this sector could not let the opportunity to be involved in such a project escape, an opportunity to build the pillars that hold the 21st century meat industry.

We take on this challenge with enormous responsibility, knowing what such an event implies, but we also hope that we will be able to share all our knowledge and experience.

Since the announcement, Guijuelo has begun to work so that the IV Congress would shed light on all matters surrounding the art of ham-matters, from the people responsible for the raw material to the consumers.

That is why the members of the Scientific Committee came up with the innovating idea of celebrating three conferences simultaneously to develop various symposiums on topics which are of vital importance in the sector: Animal production, technology and ham elaboration, and finally commercialisation and nutritional aspects. The main objective behind this proposal is that each participant can decide what speeches adjust to his/her priorities and interests.

We cannot forget that on this occasion we celebrate this congress in the Castilla Leon regional community for the first time, a region which is basically based on cattle-raising, where the D.O. Guijuelo plays a leading role in the economic, social and rural development. Furthermore, we have an incomparable historic environment, the city of Salamanca, which was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here we can also find the Salamanca University which has been the cradle of knowledge and source of inspiration for many scientific and artistic figures throughout the centuries.

Because of the celebration of this IV World Congress, Salamanca will become the place where a great number of associations, companies, investigation centres and professionals related with the valuable ham product, will have the opportunity to come together. From here I would like to thank all the Institutions, Associations, Sponsors and Professionals who are taking part so that this congress becomes a reality and, of course, the industrialists working at the Denominación de Origen (Guarantee of origin and quality distinction).
I invite you all to participate actively in the IV Ham World Congress so that Salamanca can become the “Ham Capital” during these days.

Daniel Rubio García.
Presidente C.R.D.O.Guijuelo