Congreso del Jamon Salamanca

The production of ham has a long tradition in Spain where its fame has been consolidated due to its quality.

In a globalising world, consumers define clearly their taste and preferences derived from their new life styles as well as their shopping and consumer habits.

For this reason, I believe that a World Congress, where all the factors that intervene in the serrano ham (dry-cured Spanish ham) elaboration process are analysed, is very appropriate. Furthermore, getting to the IV edition shows the consolidation of a project which has already travelled through the Spanish cities of Cordoba, Caceres and Teruel.

The division of the scientific programme into three significant areas: animal production, serrano ham (dry-cured Spanish ham) elaboration and nutrition and commercialisation is very useful.

It is important to show the developments experienced with regard to the diet of the pigs, methods and their use as raw material. In addition it is also important to learn about the advances in elaboration technologies and presentation, the control factors and quality control techniques. It is necessary to underline the importance of the application of R&D and innovation in the development of this industry.

On the other hand, it seems appropriate to study the nutritional characteristics of the product itself as well as all aspects related to the ham market and commercialisation.

I would like to support the initiative taken by Guijuelo to celebrate this Congress here as the Guijuelo “Denominación de Origen” or Guarantee of Origin was the first place which was recognised as such for the production of jamon iberico (cured ham only found in Spain) in 1986.

The fact that this Congress is held in Salamanca, a “World Heritage Site”, will no doubt contribute towards the success of this important world congress.

I hope you enjoy the Congress.